Estimating Teams

Preparing and costing tenders for construction projects is not an easy task. With tight submission deadlines and potentially hundreds of companies to contact for pricing, getting your tender packages out and managing the quoting process needs to happen quickly and efficiently.


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Prepare and manage your tenders

With Tenderfield, we provide the tools you need to prepare detailed tender packages, receive quotes, manage RFI’s, and send automated quote reminders. This will ensure that you can get on with your quantity take-offs and submission documents.

All external companies that need to collaborate with your projects can do so via their free company account or if they prefer, can work completely through email correspondence. We offer this flexibility so there are no barriers for the tender’s success.

No barriers to collaboration

All external companies that need to collaborate with you on your projects can do so via their FREE Tenderfield account. However, if they prefer, they can work completely through email correspondence which will be logged by the system into your project account. We offer this flexibility to eliminate all barriers to collaboration during the tendering process.

Construction Network

Are you looking for additional companies to price your tender packages? With Tenderfield, you can gain access to a database of thousands of contractors. Simply send out a request and wait to receive Expressions Of Interest (EOI) from interested contractors within the network. It’s then up to you to accept or decline the EOI requests.

Company branded notices and emails

All correspondence sent from your Tenderfield account is branded to your company and the project’s details. This applies to all generated PDF’s including tender invitations and emails. Your contactors can download tender documents, let you know whether they are pricing the job, download all updated documentation straight from their email and submit quotes.

Document Management

Our smart document manager allows you to keep track of all your project documentation. All updated documentation will be automatically sent via transmittals to the contractor’s pricing your tenders so you can be sure that everyone is always working off the most up-to-date documentation.

Handover to Construction

After your tender is submitted and the result is announced, you can easily notify the quoting sub-contractors of the tender result. If your tender is successful, you can hand over all documents, tender packages with contractor’s quotes, and transmittals to the construction team so they can easily get started on the next phase as soon as possible.