Backcharge Notice

It is important for Backcharge Notices to be carefully documented to ensure disputes can be resolved, without the need for costly litigation.
Create and distribute your backcharges on the go, track responses and include your team members in correspondence. You can also easily prepare reports for your team and export items from your backcharge register.

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backcharge notice tenderfield

Deliver backcharges with clarity

Include all related backcharge notice information and cost details. You can also give recipients the heads up if backcharge amounts are to be deducted from the next progress payment.

collaborate your construction team

CC your team

Send a copy of a Backcharge Notice to your team members and include them in your all related correspondence.Team members working on your project can also view, track, and export backcharges from your project’s backcharge register.

construction attachments


Your project team members can attach plans from your document register or add mark-ups, photos and any other attachments to Backcharge Notices to ensure clarity. Also, these items can be exported or viewed directly from your account.

tenderfield correspondence

Contacts can respond via email

Recipients of your backcharge notice can download and respond to your notice via email. Companies working on your project also have the option to view and add comments to received notices through their free guest account.

construction messaging

Start a discussion

All related contacts can add comments to a Backcharge Notice when more information is required. Both creators and recipients of notices can respond to comments directly via email or through their account.

backcharge reports

Full History & Summary Reports

View, share or export Backcharge Notice Reports for the whole project or for a specific Company. You can also produce a summary report to provide a high-level view of your Backcharge activity across your project.

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