Construction Meeting Minutes

Our Construction Meeting Minutes tool helps your project team stay up to date with all meeting items. Create a new meeting, manage attendees, assign items to action and distribute the minutes.

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construction toolbox meeting minutes

Meeting Groups

The construction meeting minutes tool helps your project team create and organise different types of meetings in to groups. All meetings under a group are interrelated and can be easily tracked.

meeting minutes attendees and apologies


Keep a record of all attendees and apologies related to your meeting. You can add attendees and apologies in to your meeting from your address book, or add a new contact.

toolbox meeting minutes record

Add minutes as they happen

No need to re-type your paper notes from your meeting. Easily add sections, minutes and any related attachments with any smart device. After you are done you can send a copy of the minutes to all related contacts.

construction meeting minutes communication

Assign actionable items

Some items discussed during the meeting will require further action by one of your contacts. Assign your actionable items to anyone in your address book.

distribute meeting minutes via email

Distribute meeting minutes via email

All meeting attendees and apologies will receive a copy of the Meeting Minutes document via email – no registration process necessary.

construction meeting minutes workflow

Push unaddressed items
to next meeting’s agenda

Keep track of all unaddressed items to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

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