Construction Purchase Orders

The construction purchase order tool helps your project team easily request materials and plant purchased for your projects. Suppliers can respond directly to your request and you can record and keep track of all deliveries to site.

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construction purchase orders management

Send a PO from anywhere

Your project team can use the construction purchase orders tool to request materials from your suppliers. PO’s can be sent from the office or on site, from any device.

construction purchase orders correspondence

Suppliers can Respond via email

Get a response to your purchase orders quickly and without hassle. All recipients of your purchase order notices can provide a confirmation and ask any questions directly via email. No registration process necessary.

construction purchase orders attachments

Attach supporting docs

It is important to be specific about the materials you are requesting from suppliers. You can attach plans from your document register or add mark-ups, photos and any other files to purchase orders to ensure clarity.

purchase orders communication management

Start a discussion

After issuing a purchase order to a supplier, they can add comments to the request directly to keep things moving. All related contacts can reply to comments directly via email, or through a free guest account.

construction purchase orders dockets

Add your delivery dockets

When your materials arrive at your project’s site, take a snap of your docket and add it to your purchase order request for your record. A member of your site team can log the amount of units received and close it off once all items have been delivered.

construction purchase orders report

Summary & Reporting

View, share or export Purchase Order Reports for the whole project or for a specific supplier. You can also produce a summary report to provide a high-level view of your Purchase Order activity across your project.

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