Construction Safety Inspection

Safety Inspection processes don’t need to be painful. Create your own templates and easily kick off your safety inspection on site with any smart device.

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construction safety inspection management

Create unlimited inspection templates

Use the construction safety inspection tool to create your Company’s safety inspection templates. Customise your own sections headings and items, or import a safety inspection template from an excel spreadsheet.

assign construction safety inspection management

Assign safety items during the inspection

Create a running list of safety inspection items that require action and assign them to the related parties to be actioned. The safety inspection tool will organise items in to a safety notice per Company to save you time.

mobile friendly safety inspection management

Mobile friendly

Get your safety inspections done on site, without paper. Our safety inspections are designed specifically to be mobile friendly and can be used easily with any smart device.

safety inspection document attachments

Give visual direction

Add photos to your safety inspection items give visual support to your inspection reports. You can also add additional notes when necessary.

safety inspection management sign-off

Electronic sign-off

After completing your safety inspection, you can sign off by adding your e-signature electronically. This will be added to your safety inspection report before distributing a copy to your project team and all related contacts.

construction safety inspection report

Summary & Reporting

View, share or export Safety Inspection Reports for the whole project or containing items related to a specific Company. You can also produce a summary report to provide a high-level view of your inspections across your project.

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