Construction Safety Management

Keeping the job site safe is everyone’s responsibility. Easily log, assign and track safety concerns and issues to provide a safer working environment and minimise the risk of injuries.

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construction safety management

Create safety items on the go

Your site team can use the construction safety management tool to log and distribute site safety concerns to all related contacts. Safety notices can be sent from the office or on site, from any device.

attach construction safety management items

Add photos and markups

It is important to be specific about safety concerns on site. Your project team can easily add photos and mark-ups to your safety items to make sure risks are promptly addressed.

distribute construction safety management notice

Log and send safety notices in bulk

Create a running list of safety items and assign them to the related parties to be actioned. The safety notice tool will organise items in to a safety notice per Company to save you time.

construction safety notice messaging

Start a discussion

After issuing a safety notice to your contacts, they can add comments directly to the notice to keep things moving. All related contacts can reply to comments directly via email, or through a free guest account.

sign off construction safety notice management

Electronic review and sign-off

When recipients are assessing the items related to your notice, they can easily mark items ready for review once they have been addressed. After checking the progress of items, you can mark them complete or incomplete and sign off an electronic signature with any smart device.

construction safety management report

Summary & Reporting

Your project team can view, share or export Safety Notice Reports for the whole project or for a specific Company. You can also produce a summary report to provide a high-level view of your Safety issue activity across your project.

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