Construction Tasks Board

Manage all your daily construction tasks with your team for all your projects.
The construction tasks board allows you to easily assign tasks to anyone in your address book, add comments and track task progress using the scrumboard to ensure your projects stay on track.

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prioritize construction tasks


Actioning tasks in order of priority is important to ensure certain parts of the job will not be held up. In addition to this, awareness and tracking of important tasks is crucial to project efficiency. Give your construction tasks a priority to make sure the team knows which tasks require action first.

tenderfield address book

Assign to anyone in your address book

Assign a task to members of your project team, or anyone in your address book. You can also add followers to your task to promote awareness. Recipients of tasks can respond to and action assigned tasks via email, or through their account.

notification reminders

Add a due date and set reminders

Setting a reminder can be the difference between missing or meeting a deadline for your project’s important tasks. The tasks tool will automatically remind your assignees and followers of upcoming due dates. All related task contacts will also be notified when tasks become overdue.

task review

Send for review

Notify the related contacts when a task is ready to be reviewed. Let anyone mark the task complete or restrict approvals to one person only.

checklist attachments

Add a checklist & attachments

You and your team can add a checklist to tasks to give assignees guidance and include any related files as attachments.

construction message

Start a discussion

All related contacts can add comments to a task to keep things moving. Reply via email notifications or through your account.

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