Email Tracking

Tracking and reviewing project-related emails that are sent and received by your team can be messy because of frequency and volume. Make life easier for companies working on your project with our smart email notifications. All your contacts will be notified of items sent from your Tenderfield account via email. Also, recipients can action and reply directly to project-related emails, with all responses emailed to you and recorded in your account.

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Respond directly from emails

Our email tracking feature ensures recipients of project-related items can respond directly to project correspondence sent from your account via email. Your contacts can also perform actions and send status updates.

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Email labelling

All messages and project-related items sent from your account includes your Company information, logo, sender details Project name and item information. This ensures project information can be easily identified and grouped.

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Interactive & simple

Recipients of project-related items can issue status updates directly to item creators in your project team by clicking the related buttons in their email notifications. Also, contacts can also view the details of items online without the need for a login (e.g. bids).

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Receive an email copy

Before you send a project-related item to contacts, you can choose to issue a copy of emails generated to yourself, or members of the project team for record. These contacts will be kept in the loop with all related correspondence.

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No barriers to keep things moving

All contacts working on your project from outside your Company don’t need to follow a registration process to action items. They can respond or request information via email.

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Branded to your Company

All emails generated from your Tenderfield account are professionally designed and is branded with your Company logo and project details.

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