Frequently Asked Questions

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Tenderfield is a construction collaboration management app built for your team. We provide tools for estimating and construction teams to manage the tendering process, document management, and project management from the office and in the field.
Tenderfield can be used by any team of construction professionals that are involved with overseeing all or part of a project in any capacity.

Our functionality caters to many project roles, including:

• Owners
• Architects
• Designers
• Engineers
• Estimators
• Construction managers
• Project managers
• Contracts administrators
• Site managers
• Sub-contractors/suppliers
We offer many tools to help your teams manage your projects, including:

• Company address book and import contacts manager
• Tender or Construction phase project templates
• Project dashboards
• Project messaging
• Document register
• Document folder access settings
• Planview
• Tender management
• Transmittals manager
• Project team accessibility
• Project contacts manager
• Management store
• External Company participation via email (or a free collaboration account)
Our intuitive, simple interface allows new users to learn as they click through their account and view our tour projects. Should new users need more guidance, we provide a detailed walk-through of all our functions in our help section.
Our friendly support team is also on hand to assist you.

Getting Started

You can create your Company account by clicking here.
Yes. We allow Companies to create separate branches under the same Company registration number to cater for multiple locations.
Selecting a branch type helps us tailor your account to your needs. There are three branch types to choose from:

Owners (or Consultants) – your company primarily manages and consults with head contractors on a project.

Head Contractors (or Developers) – your company is regularly engaged by owners to manage or oversee the management of a project. This includes working with consultants and managing sub-contractors and suppliers.

Sub-contractors (or suppliers) – your Company bids for work/supply associated with your specialty trade.
The answer is project control.

If your company manages project documentation, engages other companies for procurement or consultancy services and oversees day to day site operations, your team will require a Management Account.

As a holder of a Management Account, you can upload unlimited number of projects on the system, have unlimited access to all the features we offer and have complete control over other companies working on your project.

On the other hand, if your company is engaged to price work or provide consultancy services for a certain aspect of a project, you can connect with the project by creating a free Collaboration Account.


Management Accounts allow companies to create an unlimited number of projects to manage during the tender phase, construction phase or both. Each company account uses Tenderfield to manage project documentation, the tendering process, and the overall project management.

All external companies that wish to collaborate on projects can be invited and access the latest documentation through their optional free collaboration accounts.

View All Project Features
After importing your database of contacts into your Address Book, they can easily be added to your project with the intention of either receiving a quote from them, or sharing documentation. If you would like to invite a company to submit a quote related to your project (e.g. contractors), they are invited via the Tenders module.

On the other hand, if you wish to add a company to help oversee your project and access project documentation (e.g. Consultants or Clients), you can enable them to access any of your document folders through their company account.
Collaboration Accounts are free of charge for companies working on your project, and are also completely optional.

In the event when a company (e.g. sub-contractor) would rather not create a Collaboration Account, they can receive, action and respond to everything you send to them via email. When a contactor replies to you via email, you will receive a notification and all correspondence will be saved and displayed for your reference.
Many Head Contractors and Consultants manage their own projects while also pricing work for others.

In addition to creating and managing their own projects, Management Account holders have the flexibility to be invited to collaborate on another company’s project.


So you have registered your company and added all your team members, what next?

In order to make use of your Collaboration Account’s functionality, you must first be invited to a project by the project creator who would have a Management Account.

Once you are given access to a project, you will be able to use your Collaboration Account to view project documentation shared with you, submit a quote (if invited to a tender) and use all the selected management features for the duration of the project.
Yes. If your company decides its would like to manage its own projects via Tenderfield, Collaboration Accounts can be easily upgraded to Management Accounts by creating a new project and starting your 30 day free trial. Once your free trial has finished you will be prompted to either continue managing your projects or downgrade back to a collaboration account.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to Contact Us
For privacy reasons, all projects are private to the companies that create them. To view and bid on a project, contractors must be invited directly by a member of the project creator’s company.

However, we are currently building functionality that will allow contractors to submit expressions of interest for projects that match their company’s selected criteria. This will be introduced in late 2016.
Yes. All company accounts can try out the Management Account functionality free of charge for 30 days by creating a new project and then starting your trial.