Automated Project Tasks Tool

An easier way for your team to stay on top of their daily tasks

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Prioritise Your Projects Tasks Automatically And In Real-Time

Using The Automated Project Tasks Tool | Give your tasks a priority to make sure the team knows which tasks require action first.

Assign to anyone in your address book

Assign a task to anyone in your address book and add followers to keep an eye on progress. Your contacts can respond via email.

Add a due date and set reminders

Remind your assignees and followers of upcoming due dates and automatically notify them when tasks become overdue.

Send for review

Notify the related contacts when a task is ready to be reviewed. Let anyone mark the task complete or restrict approvals to one person only.

Add a checklist & attachments

Add a checklist to your task to give assignees guidance and include any related files as attachments.

Start a discussion

All related contacts can add comments to a task to keep things moving. Reply via email notifications or through your account.

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