Extension of Time

Manage your EOT’s and get them signed off electronically

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Set your practical completion date

Use your original completion date as a base to automatically calculate new completion dates as EOT days are approved.

Input your working week

Select working days per week as per the contract to ensure days claimed are relevant

Include all related EOT info

Include the reason for EOT, the impact on the construction programme, mitigation performed and a response date to ensure EOT notices are comprehensive.

Claim your EOT days

Select your claimed EOT days in bulk using the date range picker. Claim full or half days and exclude days that aren’t in your working week.

Start a discussion

All related contacts can add comments to an EOT to keep things moving. Reply via email notifications or through your account.

Electronic sign-off

Approve, partly approve or reject an EOT notice and add an electronic signature with any smart device.

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